Vacuum assisted infusion lamination


Elan’s hull construction technology ensures the required hull strength and stiffness, while using the least amount of material possible in order to save weight and make the yacht more responsive and enjoyable to sail. Furthermore, the 3D VAIL technology brings better carrying capacity increased hull strength and reduces the risk of osmosis.

Short handed sailing


Shorthanded solution improves the yachts safety and comfort, as its easily operated by limited crew.

Twin wheel – twin rudder system


The VOR inspired solution by Rob Humphreys ensures better control and handling even in extreme conditions. In case of emergency the twin rudders work as independent tiller, improving safety.

Quality Certification by Germanischer Lloyd


Elan yachts carry the Germanischer Lloyd certificate for highest standards in safety and build. The structural build quality is inspected at various important stages through the construction.

Enviromentally friendly production


Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system minimizing its impact on nature. Both Elan’s skiing and boat building divisions boast the ISO 14001 standard for environmentally friendly production. As an outdoor company we are more than aware of the need to preserve our Mother Earth. Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system, minimizing our impact with everything we do. We all can and have to contribute to keep the old lady in shape, so we’d like to encourage you to do your part. Turn off the lights, use public transport and focus on renewable sources of energy.